Sprocket Conversion Kit

DUCATI M900 i. E.'00/01 DID 525 CHAIN AND SPROCKETS KIT Premium 525 Conversion

DUCATI M900 i. E.'00/01 DID 525 CHAIN AND SPROCKETS KIT Premium 525 Conversion

DUCATI M900 i. E.'00/01 DID 525 CHAIN AND SPROCKETS KIT Premium 525 Conversion    DUCATI M900 i. E.'00/01 DID 525 CHAIN AND SPROCKETS KIT Premium 525 Conversion

DUCATI MH900 e & i. 2002 request 38t or 100L (see aplication reference below). Complete Performance Chain & Sprocket Kit.

Premium "Made in Japan" D. 525 sizes are standard on most larger displacement higher horsepower Ducati's.

525 is stronger and longer lasting than oem 520 size. 2mm wider than 520, which spreads out the load and lasts longer.

Requiring less frequent adjustment, and weighs only a pound and a half more than a 520 kit. Included in this kit: 525 conversion size options.. OEM Ratio 15/39t -or- Quick Acceleration 14/39t. Unless otherwise specified, chain and sprockets will be sent in Exact OEM'00/01 M900 i. JT 15 tooth Front & 39 tooth Rear Sprocket.

(scm420 high carbon Japan steel, C49 chromoly steel alloy). The new Pro Street DID VX 525 x 98L Gold X -Ring drive chain. Premium Made in Japan Quality X-Ring chain with a Rivet type master link.

(Exact fit 525 conversion in near OEM ratio or custom gear ratio sizes, specify Custom sizes in "Add Message" Tab during Checkout). Also available in optional gear ratios. Call RPE Motorcycle to special order. 525 size Chain & sprockets are sent with Gold DID chain with a RIVET type master link. OEM DUCATI CHAIN AND SPROCKET STOCK SIZES are.

1999 DUCATI M900 Monster OEM size is 520x98 x-ring chain, 15t Ft. Sprocket, 38t Rear Sprocket (38t available by request).

OEM size is 520x98 x-ring chain, 15t Ft. 2002 DUCATI MH900 e OEM size is 520x98 x-ring chain, 15t Ft. OEM size is 520x100 x-ring chain, 15t Ft.

Sprocket, 38t Rear Sprocket (38t and 520x100L available by request). For QUICK ACCELERATION 14/39t gear ratio (quicker off the line, quicker roll on's, easier wheelies). Request a (-1t) 14 tooth QA front sprocket during checkout in the "Add Message" tab. This versatile QA Ratio change can be changed back to stock ratio with a 525x15t sprocket, and still use the same chain length. This quick ratio will be much quicker, but slightly slower top speed with higher freeway cruising rpm's.

For FREEWAY GEARING 15/37t FASTER TOP SPEED, and LOWER FREEWAY RPM's, better highway gas mileage. Request a 15t front sprocket and a 37t (-2t) rear Freeway Ratio during checkout in the "Add Message" tab for lowered highway cruising rpm's and higher top speed. This FREEWAY ratio will be faster top speed, but will be slightly less responsive in lower rpm throttle response. OEM Ratio GEARING 15/39t is the DEFAULT for this listing. Exact oem 15/39t ratio in a 525 conversion.

This 15/39t as an ideal upgrade 525 replacement instead of shorter life 520 oem components. OEM Ratio Gearing is the "Happy Medium" for best all around riding types, with reasonable high speed engine rpm's and low rpm throttle response.

A 1 tooth change in the front is equivalent to a 3 tooth change in the rear.. A 1 tooth change in the rear is a very slight change. EXAMPLE: (-1 tooth front = +3 teeth rear) or (+1 tooth front = -3 teeth rear).

Is the same as +4 rear only without changing the front. STOCK GEARING is the factory calculated "happy medium" of both low end acceleration and top end speed. 2mm wider than 520 size. 525 sprockets must be used a 525 size chain, and 520 sizes must use all 520 components.

Available JT Steel Sprocket Sizes available. Sprocket also available in 525 x 14.

Rear Sprocket also available in 525 x. 525x40 or 525x41t are available in Supersprox Stealth upgrade sprockets (Call for price and availability). DID VX2 520 Steel Sprockets are available in BLACK , 525 Steel Sprockets are SILVER. JT Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy Rear sprockets also available Special Order, CALL!

All chain and sprocket kits also available in. Sprocket Upgrade available in 525 conversion Supersprox Stealth 525x 37. 38, 39, 40, 42, and 43t.

Call for Supersprox Upgrade pricing and availability. All DID 525 chains include RIVET type master link.

(Request CLIP LINK during check out in the "Add Message" tab and an invoice will be sent after the sale). Also available from RPE Motorcycle... Complete chain tool for most 520, 525 and 530 standard and o-ring chains. Break, press and rivet your chain with one compact tool. Will rivet hollow nose master links (will not rivet solid soft-nose pins).

Will push pin completely through link/side plate. Hardened body, riveting tip and breaker pin for strength and durability. Removable handle for compact storage. Perfect for trail/road tool pack if you have a chain with a rivet master link. 10725 Beverly Bl, Whittier, CA 90601.

Hours: M-F 9-6, Sat 9-5 Pacific Std. JT Sprockets and DID Chain, the leading edge technology in production and materials with total dedication to excellence gives you the ultimate motorcycle sprocket and chain range at unbeatable value.

Our mission is to supply you the most innovative and competitive product line fully backed by complete availability and service. Your Absolute Satisfaction is our Commitment with JT Sprockets and DID Chain - World's No. 1 manufacturers of aftermarket motorcycle chain and sprockets, constantly raising the industry's standards in performance, longevity and reliability.

Ds PATENTED X-Ring construction reduces friction by twisting between the side plates instead of being squashed. Normal O-Rings and other makers modified O-Rings have squashed points that increase friction. The twisting action of the X-Ring disperses the pressure and minimizes power loss. 1.5 to 2 TImes Longer Wear Resistance. The X-Rings four contact points greatly increase its sealing performance.

This keeps the dirt out and the lubrication in much better than any other. X-Rings have the greatest wear resistance of any other type of O-Ring or Non-O-Ring chain. The item "DUCATI M900 i.'00/01 DID 525 CHAIN AND SPROCKETS KIT Premium 525 Conversion" is in sale since Monday, June 26, 2017. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Motorcycle Parts\Drivetrain & Transmission\Other Transmission Parts".

The seller is "rpemotorcycle" and is located in Whittier, California. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Manufacturer Part Number: DID gold VX525x98,JT90470c.39T
  2. Placement on Vehicle: Left
  3. Surface Finish: Gold chain, silver steel sprockets
  4. Warranty: Yes
  5. Make: Ducati
  6. Part Brand: DID, JT
  7. Country of Manufacture: Japan
  8. Part Type: Drive
  9. Part By Region: EUROPEAN
  10. Drive Part Type: Chains

DUCATI M900 i. E.'00/01 DID 525 CHAIN AND SPROCKETS KIT Premium 525 Conversion    DUCATI M900 i. E.'00/01 DID 525 CHAIN AND SPROCKETS KIT Premium 525 Conversion